Morning exercises to lose weight at home: effective exercises

With proper nutrition and a proper workout set, you can get rid of excess fat and perfect your figure. The set of activities also includes morning exercises that are great for beginners to lose weight at home - start your morning with light exercise. At the same time, you should not turn the workouts into a full-fledged workout, because a different goal - trying to fill the body with energy throughout the working day. As for the physical exercises included in the training complexes, the body is focused on muscle tension by fatigue.

Benefits of morning exercise

Morning weight loss exercises have great benefits for the body. Many people think that if you drink a cup of strong coffee, you can feel happy, however, this aromatic drink has caffeine, which can hardly be called. The benefits of morning exercises are revealed by regular performance of the complex and include:

  • Performance improvement. Warming helps the blood to move more intensely through the arteries. As a result, the body's tissues are saturated with oxygen and nutrients, which improves memory, speeds up thought processes and increases concentration.
  • Improving the body. Stimulation of blood flow has a positive effect on the brain and respiratory system. At the same time, mucus is expelled from the bronchi and lungs, which accumulate during sleep, and blood stasis in the arteries is eliminated.
  • Improved mood. You can provide yourself with a long-lasting mood by doing a series of simple exercises with strengthening music. In addition, exercise eliminates the cause of hypokinesia (insufficient physical activity), eliminates the feeling of persistent weakness and irritability.
  • Eliminate insomnia. Waking up early will help you stick to certain daily routines. Fatigue is felt when the body clock shows rest time. Adherence to a diet is a guarantee of a healthy, comfortable sleep.
  • Strengthening discipline. A person who is accustomed to regular gymnastics is better able to cope with difficulties, wakes up easily and does not face major problems with discipline.

How to do morning exercises at home

By following certain rules in the morning, it is possible to achieve the desired effect and improve body tone with the help of regular exercise. A competent approach will help strengthen the muscles of the thighs, back, spine and other areas. With proper nutrition, you can get rid of excess fat by making your figure thinner and more prominent. Basic rules and recommendations:

  • As the body gradually wakes up, any strong load immediately after waking up will force the heart to suddenly become active, which can adversely affect the heart muscle.
  • The best gymnastics of the morning after this you will feel a wave of vitality and strength. You should not overload the body when performing, the main thing is to raise the tone of the body and do not gain muscle mass.
  • Some exercises can be done without getting out of bed. These include only warm-up exercises that do not carry a special load - it will not be enough to replenish your vitality throughout the day.
  • Find the right music. If your complex includes some kind of intense training, choose compositions with a tempo of 140-170 beats / minute. Rhythmic songs will help to organize the movements and coordinate breathing with them.
  • The complex of morning exercises is best divided into three stages: warm-up, basic and final.
  • Try to ventilate the room as fresh air comes to life.
  • Do not wear clothes that impede movement, otherwise you will be very worried.
  • Morning exercises and meals are things that are not appropriate. If you feel hungry, then for a glass of water. Do not exercise on a full stomach.
morning exercises for weight loss

Morning exercises to lose weight at home

Especially women, men and so on. There are both general complexes and separate complexes designed for. In any case, try to do your chosen morning workout regularly. Training in the morning for weight loss and breathing exercises will help you achieve the weight loss effect you want. Training time is about 10-15 minutes. The main thing is not to be lazy, do everything with enthusiasm and energy.

For women

Diet to lose weight is a vain hope to lose time and gain a beautiful body without physical activity. The fewer calories enter the body, the more the body stores them. Take a look at the following complex, which is great for women (determine the number of approaches and exercises best, start with the minimum):

  • Raise your knees and walk for 30 seconds.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees. Tighten, lift the pelvis off the floor, then relax and take the starting position.
  • Lie on your back and lift the straightened legs to create an angle to the surface. Keep your feet in this position for a few seconds, then slowly lower them.
  • Alternate between your left and right legs to reduce the size of your hips. At the same time, pull your abdomen in, straighten your waist, and place your hands on your hips.
  • Do deep squats without lifting your legs off the ground and extending your arms at chest level.
  • Lie on your back, begin to retreat rhythmically and lightly press the abdominal wall with your hands.

For starters

If you have not exercised for a long time, choose a series of exercises designed specifically for beginners. The main thing is not to overdo it, a fast speed is useless, the main thing is the correctness of performance and proper nutrition. Simple workout program for morning workouts:

  • Do regular squats 10-20 times (depending on your fitness) in several sets.
  • To work on the press, lie on your back, raise your legs to the ground at a right angle and lower them. Do 3 sets, 10-15 times.
  • To work the hips, perform lunges - 15 times on each leg, 3-4 approaches.
  • Exercise by bike - Do this for as long as possible, at least 1-2 minutes.
  • Shake your legs. Perform both forward, backward, and sideways.
  • Jump. Jump 30-40 times - repeat 4 sets.
  • Finally, stretch your muscles to keep them as flexible and warm as possible.
girl doing exercises to lose weight

To lose weight fast

Getting fast results with morning exercises is possible only with proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. Each of the following exercises is performed for 30 seconds, after which you should take a break for 30 seconds and drink about 1/4 glass of water to improve metabolic processes in the body. In more detail, you can not eat 1, 5 hours before and after the complex:

  • Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and lock your hands with a lock over your head. When jumping, close your legs and open your arms, raise your arms and try to slap your palms.
  • Lie on the floor, spread your arms to the sides, and start lifting your legs in turn. The floor angle should be 90 degrees.
  • Hold the chair firmly against the wall and alternating legs, and place it on top.
  • Get arm rests bent at an angle of 90 degrees to the elbows. In this position, lie down for 30 seconds, tighten the abdominal and thigh muscles.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and put your hands behind your head. Start lowering your abdomen so that your elbows touch your knees.
  • Put your hands on a sofa-like support, your legs straight and stretched. Start lifting without pushing your body.
  • Extend your legs shoulder-width apart. When squatting, bend your knees in different directions, but your thighs should not touch the floor and feet.
  • Alternatively, try to lift with a push on one arm by changing - you definitely need support.
  • Lie down next to you, then start lifting one leg up. Extend the arm on the floor above your head, place the other on the floor and make an angle of 90 degrees. 15 seconds after training, move to the other side.
  • Lie on the floor on your stomach and stretch your arms over your head. At the same time, lift your feet off the ground. Try to hold this position for about 10 seconds. Take a lot of sets.

For all muscle groups

An excellent option to lose weight is to fill all muscle groups at home. For a start, it would be good to do a light warm-up after sleep, for example, a circular rotation of the head, arms, shoulders, elbows, ankles and knees. Put on some rhythmic music, because it will be difficult to wake up. A number of exercises:

  • Jump on the spot (you can jump on the rope) - 20 times.
  • Walk 20 times so that the angle between your legs and knees is 90 degrees.
  • Squat 10 times, focusing on your strawberries and knees.
  • Pull 20 lungs to the side.
  • Raise your knees and run a little in place.
  • Do the abdomen 20 times. To do this, lower your arms along the torso, raise your legs 45 degrees, and begin to rotate in one direction or another.
  • Avoid letting your heels touch your waist.
  • Push 8-10 times off the floor - you can bend your knees.

5-minute payment

Anyone can do a series of exercises at home for weight loss that will take about 5 minutes for morning workouts. In this case, warm-up should be the main focus, because if you include general toning exercises in the program, the workout will last at least 10-15 minutes. Approximate complex for 5 minutes:

  • He turns his head left and right.
  • The head bends to the left and right, forward and backward.
  • Rotation of brushes in and out of the brushes on the forward arms.
  • External and internal rotation of the front arms.
  • Forward and backward in the shoulder joints.
  • Rotation of the foot both clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • He turns his foot left and right, bends over himself and himself.
  • Rotation of the legs at the knee joints.
exercises and workouts for weight loss

Filled in 20 minutes

If you are training to lose weight, you need to organize all the exercises properly. Training should last at least half an hour, as body fat begins to decrease in 20 minutes of exercise. The interval between them should not exceed 1 minute. Also look at the speed of your activities. Finally, cool down or lie down. Complex:

  • Legs and thighs. Start your activity by walking around - 30-60 seconds. At the same time, try to raise your knees high. Then grab the back of the chair, stand on your feet and start to rise and fall for 30-60 seconds. Also, do the jumps on each leg separately.
  • On the stomach and sides. Start circular rotations with the pelvis, the abdomen should be pulled in and out. Lie on your back and start to climb out of the abdomen with your hands. Do it 10 times.
  • In the hands. Find dumbbells that weigh 1 kg and above. Start lifting both arms to the sides at the same time for about 30-60 seconds.
  • In the hip. While lying down, bend your legs so that your feet remain on the ground. Start lifting your pelvis and move left and right 6 times in each direction. Take a lot of sets.

Fitness exercises

Proper and regular fitness exercises in the morning will stimulate vitality and help you lose weight. There should be no strenuous exercise or excessive stress while charging, otherwise charging can be harmful. Heart rate during exercise should not exceed 60% of the maximum possible. The simplest fitness training program, ideal for people with no sports experience:

  • Start your morning workout with a relatively fast 10-minute walk. If you raise your knees high, you will feel a pleasant tension in the muscles for a few minutes.
  • Then, do 3 sets of 10-15 squats (according to your feelings) without any weight.
  • For weight loss, continue fitness exercises to push from the ground in the same mode - 3 times 10-15 times.
  • Then do any abs exercises that interest you. Blood pressure and shortness of breath should not increase after charging. Increase the number of repetitions over time.


Such morning exercises for weight loss at home can not be less effective than other options described. Dance gymnastics is a complex of gymnastic exercises performed only with music to a certain rhythm. Such classes are widely used to develop flexibility and coordination. Start your workout with a light warm-up. It is worth doing with special video lessons to see the application of all the elements visually. Useful tips:

  • To lose weight at home, choose a spacious room that will not be a foreign body for a morning dance sport.
  • The floor covering should not slip to prevent damage.
  • Connect speakers to your computer for music accompaniment - you shouldn't buy a phone or a player, as this will only interfere with the process.
  • You should not miss anything during the dance morning gymnastics.
  • Choose more comfortable, loose clothes. The sports set is perfect.
  • You will get more benefits if you observe your actions in the mirror.
dance exercises for weight loss


This exercise is considered a very effective way to get rid of excess fat. The main goal is to train all the muscles in the body in just one day. It is not aimed at increasing muscle mass, but at the same time with high intensity. To do this, 10-12 exercises are selected for all parts of the body. One circle is repeated 2-3 times and the rest between sets is about 30 seconds. In a circle, each exercise is repeated between 10 and 50. You should do it 2-3 times a week. The classical circuit training complex consists of the following.

  • Squat. Aimed at building gluteal muscles
  • Push-up. Work your arm and chest muscles.
  • Pay attention to squatting. The starting position is the same as in push-ups, and then the jump moves to the squat position.
  • "Starfish" is a leap. When jumping, spread your legs and arms to the sides. Jump as fast as you can.
  • Swing to the press. Moreover, both the top and bottom.
  • Jump rope. Good cardio exercises.
  • Shuttle Beck. You should run as soon as possible.